Thursday, December 22, 2016

When Life Gets You Down

When I originally started this blog, I simply thought it would be a way to creatively express myself as Demeshia the storyteller. 8 posts later, I didn't realize that this blog was truly intended to motivate myself when I noticed I was letting life get me down. There's nothing like self-motivation because, often times you find yourself alone drowning in your problems because, (A): You're too ashamed to talk about your struggle or (B): You feel like no one cares. This can be a very painful experience, but you must remind yourself that powerful quote from Finding Nemo, "Just Keep Swimming". 

Life is hard as F but, you can swim through the bullshit or just relax, float back to the top, and let the waves of the world guide you. You must also find the main source to your motivation, whether it's a relationship with God or whoever/whatever you consider a higher power, family, money, love, or friendships... it is imperative that you identify that "thing" that keeps you swimming.  If you have a squad that you hang with, or a sisterhood you vibe with, a mentor, or that one bestie you can just call up at any time to vent, be thankful because that's rare. Friendships nowadays barely have a track record of lasting a year and it's unfortunate because those relationships are the fuel to your self-motivation. Knowing that you have a group of women or brothers that radiate that positive energy will soon create a domino effect and bounce on you. Keep in mind that your vibe attracts your tribe, so understand the type energy you are putting out in the universe.

I encourage everyone who is reading this blog right now to become friends with yourself and discover what motivates you before the year is over. Blogging is my healing source aka my life jacket because it is the only thing that is keeping me up float in the midst of my struggle. 

What is your source? Really think about it... whatever is let it be a reminder to:

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