Monday, August 22, 2016

Chasing The American Dream

A month ago,  I had the opportunity to let my voice be heard in an interview with Fusion Network. Fusion is a popular media outlet for pop and news culture that discusses issues within the millennial community. This company personally reached out to me after venting on Navient's Facebook Page about how horrible their customer service is when it comes to repaying back outrageous student loans. I guess my comment really sparked the interest of a producer, because next thing you know I'm on the phone sharing my story about the struggles of being in student loan debt. Fusion Network decided to develop a segment titled, "Chasing The American Dream" where they reached out to various college graduates across the United States to discuss their experience in student loan debt and how it makes it impossible for us to live the so-called American dream. 

To read full article click here: Home Is Where The Debt Is

Being able to express the truth behind student loans was definitely an eyeopening experience. Yes, it is unfortunate... but no I will not let it define my life and my personal dreams to be successful. It just a lesson learned that I will have to overcome with wiser decision making aka "being woke" (just kidding). I really hope that my story, along with others in the video below can help someone avoid the scam of being in student loan debt. Life is so much more than struggling for an education. Believe in yourself and do what you love!

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